Wed, 20 Sep 1995 14:34:08

Eric Canin <> writes:>

>"chaos theory" to anthropology. When not studying questions of popular

> One question: "sensitive dependence on initial conditions" may be
>fine for a computer model, but how are initial conditions reckoned in the
>real world short of a singularity like the ....big bang?

Very much ado is made of the small difference between the genetic make-up of
a chimp and that of humans (3% if I remember correctly).
But that difference exist at the level of DNA and has to be iterated quite a
few times to get to the final organism, be it a human or chimpanzee.

IMO this could be related to Chaos Theory.
You have almost the same initial conditions.
You iterate this with the same rules.
But the small initial difference lead to two different results.

Your opinion?