Re: Life Duty Death & Denial

Marty G. Price (mprice@Ra.MsState.Edu)
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 19:42:21 -0500

On 19 Sep 1995, Javilk wrote:

> Yes, we are having an effect. Someday, we may even be able to tell
> which way. Meanwhile, it would not hurt to keep our eyes AND MINDS
> open! And do take some care in what you do.
>[Quoted is small concluding section of large post.]

I'm inclined to believe we humans are likely responsible for a current
warming trend and certain of the contemporary drought patterns, but
that's from my personal evaluation of various opinions, not expertise.

In historic terms, I would be particularly interested in four "events" in
the cycle:
How did deforestation of Europe in the Roman era appear to affect
What "caused" the warming that allowed the Vikings to cultivate
Greenland and possibly the Canadian coast?
What "caused" the so-called "mini-ice age" that curtailed their
How did the initial deforestation of North America affect the world
climate? Any effect on the size of the Sahara, for instance?

My guess is that these are all open questions, or questions answerable
only in terms of loose correspondances---Which leaves the big question,
how hard is it to measure such a small part of an irregular cycle as we
have available to us? Even when such a measure may be near essential to
our future survival and quality of life?

Blessed Be,

Red Deer