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Tue, 19 Sep 1995 03:38:00 GMT (Javilk) wrote:

> But... there are a few volcanoes beneath the South Polar ice cap...
>(reported in the past few years in Discovery? Scientific American? and
>Science News.) And if one of them really belches...

It does. In fact its daily emission of complex chlorine molecules is
several times the total annual human manufacture of same. And it
happens to be right under the south polar "ozone hole", in the middle
of the earth's circular anomaly, where almost no man-made chlorine

(Brief explanation: the chaos theorists have figured out that a
single weather system cannot cover the surface of a spherical planet.
Every planet with an atmosphere, has a more-or-less circular weather
system which is basically independent of the system covering the rest
of the planet. Jupiter has the well-known Great Red Spot; we have the
Antarctic Ozone Hole.)

This makes it painfully obvious that the ozone hole is because of
man-made chemicals, and We Really Must Do Something About It.

>The southern polar ice age could begin.

About the time I graduated from high school, the doomsayers were
proclaiming that the next ice age was beginning. The evidence for
this claim is exactly as good today as it was then (and better than
the evidence that we have a problem with global warming) yet today the
same doomsayers proclaim global warming is going to cook/drown us all.

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