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Mon, 18 Sep 1995 16:53:46 GMT (Javilk) wrote:

>Richard Grant ( wrote:
>: Re the greenhouse-gas thread: True, a lot of methane is pumped out
>: of the guts of cows. But the vast herds of cows doing the pumping are a
>: human-made phenomenon. In this as in other respects, global warming is
>: in *no way* a natural phenomenon.

> We do not know that for sure. ANd there are numberous arguments that
>there is a serious global cooling comming up.

Every opposing argument that has been presented that I have seen has
been presented by Conservative Politicians, Corporations, and
scientists whoose income, grants etc are dependent on them. Like the
scientists who filed all those false reports for the Cigarette
companies, its a bunch of lies based on personal profit. Global
environmental distaster is HERE.

Look at the outrageous number of Tropical Storms, Hurricanes and
Tsunami's we've had this year (More than any other year on record
according to several meteorologists). Look at the doubling of the size
of the hole in the ozone over Antarctica this year (Now the size of
all of Europe!). Look at the drought that much of the USA has had this
year, the increase in summer temperatures (including the Worst Summer
on record for Chicago). Look at the extremely mild winter we had last
year in regards to snowfall (the least we have had in my memory here
in the New England States). Something is definitely wrong, and

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