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Mon, 18 Sep 1995 23:25:41 GMT

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>>No they don't. They depends on that water to live *as*they*
>>*do*now*. So their water rates would go up a bit. Even tried
>>to work out the cost of bringing water to LA?

>I *live* in California! Precicely, in San Francisco. Now, with a city
>surrounded on 3 sides by water and in a lush green area, you would think
>we would have water aplenty... we do not! The water system went through a
>massive drought a couple years ago. We were saving water, lugging
>dishwater in buckets to flush toiletw with, only flushing solid wastes
>and letting lawns and gardens die.

Droughts are special cases because they are so infrequent there
is not much use in planning for them. Some cities bring in all
or nearly all their water. Sinagpore and Hong Kong for instance.
Mexico City brings in water from 3 km *down* (from memory) which
is the very expensive part. It can be done and done cheaply. If
there was any reason to I could build a city of 10 million in the
middle of the Sahara. Not a lot of point to it but it could be
done. My home town regularly gets water from the longest water
pipeline in the world which goes on from Adelaide to supply water
to places like Whyalla, Port Augusta and Woomera. It is not hard
to do. Nor expensive.

>The Municipal Water district was
>fining people who used more than their allotment! We were advised to take
>military style showers, brush our teeth using only a half cup of water
>and car washes were shut down! Los angeles has ALSO suffered similar
>rationing. Yes, rationing. that's what they called it!

A glimpse of the future you want to create only without even
the excuse of a drought.

>We are currently
>out of the drought situation, but only because of good run-off and snow
>melt. Water conservation experts say that we CANNOT sustain much more
>population growth!

Name three and their qualifications and present jobs.

>The water from our taps is turbid and cloudy. We just
>had a period of time when we were advised to BOIL our drinking water!

This is a problem with chlorine not turbidity.

>>No I don't. I say it is not seriously polluted. If you define
>>pollution in odd ways you get odd results. There is no present
>>endangerment of organic life in Lake Baikal I know of. Besides
>>you can't trust multinational satellite TV can you?

>Then you have not SEEN the photos of dead fish floating on the surface?

No. I have seen a lot of pictures of fishermen pulling large
and healthy fish out of the lake though. I think you are badly
confused about your Russia geography and you don't mean Baikal.

>Do you deny photographic evidence as well? What would it take to convince

A competant scientific report but photos indicating a long
term problem would be nice. You are aware that large fish
kills (eg of salmon) are natural don't you?

>>"Or threatened" ie gives us lots of money. Name a city that
>>has had to invest millions in removing contamination in the
>>local water supply.

>SAN FRANCISCO for one! Listen, I have been patient up til now, but you

Really? And what did he die of? The relevance is what?

>YES DEAD! How? Ever hear of Giardiasis? Giardia are microorganisms which
>thrive in polluted water! They cause massive diarrhea. They fucking
>EXIST, dammit! My foster son, Harvey N. Wilbur lived in San Francisco. He
>had a weakened immune system. He DRANK San Francisco water, which we were
>advised to BOIL FIRST!!! We did. It didn't help and Harvey came down with
>Giardiasis. Massive infection! We believe he got it from ICE CUBES! Made
>from SAN FRANCISCO TAP WATER! He died at 26 years of age! Many others
>have died from Giardiasis and it is STILL present in our tapwater!
>Do you understand death? Do you understand that I RAISED him and saw him
>DIE? Do you understand that I am not quoting some statistic in some
>article? THIS IS PERSONAL! Who have YOU lost? We can trace Harv's death
>directly to POLLUTION! Pollution YOU say doesn't exist!

No we can trace his death directly to inadequate use of proper
chlorine purification in San Francisco water. Pollution has
nothing to do with it. These organisms are natural after all
and it is the use of science and nasty horrible industrial
pollutants (such as chlorine) that saves lives. If you had
your way millions of children would be dying in this way. If
you did lose your step-son I am mildly sorry for you. Not a
lot because these things do happen and there are millions of
more tragic cases. But the fault does not lie with pollution
but with inadequate precautions. Bacteria do not flourish in
highly polluted water, they flourish in dirty water. Something
we need more chemicals and more treatment to solve.


Not a chance. The fact that you claim to have lost a
loved one does not make you the final moral arbitrator
in this argument. Especially as (a) it is irrelevant
and (b) your fault not mine.