Re: Life Duty Death & Denial

Barry DeCicco (
17 Sep 1995 15:58:48 GMT

In article <43fsqg$>, (Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin) writes:
|> Richard Grant <> wrote:
|> > Re the greenhouse-gas thread: True, a lot of methane is pumped out
|> >of the guts of cows. But the vast herds of cows doing the pumping are a
|> >human-made phenomenon. In this as in other respects, global warming is
|> >in *no way* a natural phenomenon.
|> Yeah... cow methane is so much worse than buffalo methane...

How many cattle are there, compared to the buffalo?
There may have been vast herds of buffalo, but there are
a lot of cattle - both in N. America and in S. America,
where cattle are grazed on lands that used to be jungle.

Remember, out west they irrigate, pump water for drinking,
provide grain and hay in the winter, and do a lot just to make
sure that there are more cattle than the land could carry on
it's own (it is called agriculture).