Re: Life Duty Death

Marty G. Price (mprice@Ra.MsState.Edu)
Sun, 17 Sep 1995 07:14:17 -0500

On Sun, 17 Sep 1995, Beese Erik William wrote:

[snipped Niagara Falls commentary]

> HOWEVER to the previous poster there have been recorded rainfalls over
> West Virginia with a pH of 1.5 which is 1-3 times more acidic than
> digestive juices. That would cuse some discomfort I am sure

I suspect (familiarity with West Virginia, not the pH record) that that
particular measure was done in the Kanawha Valley near Charleston, an
area prone to inversion and filled with chemical plants. Elmer Fike's
plant at Nitro, WV (now long defunct) was nationally infamous.

Another possibility would be downwind of the Ohio/WV panhandle/PA steel
mills twenty or so years ago.

Special cases in either instance. I'm not the sort who's inclined to
downplay the problem; just noting the difference between extreme local
phenomena and widespread environmental degradation.

Blessed Be,

Red Deer