Researching the Han?

tikvah (
16 Sep 1995 17:43:32 GMT

I'm a very new computer-Internet user and would be very grateful for any
information or leads on how I might find out the answer to a question:

What physical features of the Han people are unusual?

The problem is that I don't even know where or when the Han people
live/lived. What's worse is I'm a computer newbie and don't have a clue
about how to go about finding the answer. (If I know so little, a good
question may well be why am i asking at all. Well, the truth of the
matter is I foolishly promised a friend that I'd help get them started on
researching in cyberspace. Only I don't know enough myself to do it, So
I'm seeking help, and promise to give full credit to the person or
persons who come to my rescue. This question is actaully a real question
and an example of the kind of thing my friend, who is most certainly an
intellectually curious person, would want to find out.)

If anyone has suggestions (it would be great to find a university library
with fre access for no-students) on where or how I might do the reseach,
I'd be most grateful. I'm thinking there oughta be a way to do this, but
I don't know the first step beyond this cry for "help, please".