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Warren Sarle (
Fri, 15 Sep 1995 21:31:26 GMT

In article <>, (Shawn Roske) writes:
|> Torfi Sigurdsson ( wrote:
|> > I am currently participating in a seminar on Folk Psychology,
|> > and am curious to know about the "Ethnopsychology" im-
|> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
|> > plicit in cultures outside the western world.
|> Is this common terminology? I've wondered about this subject
|> myself, but I've never come across this word used like this, or any
|> other way for that matter.

I haven't come across "ethnopsychology", but "ethnopsychiatry" is the
cross-cultural study of mental-health practices such as shamanism
and psychiatry. For example:

Gaines, A.D., ed. (1992) _Ethnopsychiatry: The Cultural
Construction of Professional and Folk Psychiatries_, SUNY Series
in Medical Anthropology, Albany: SUNY Press.


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