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: > >This is getting silly. I am in England, here the week starts on
: > >Monday -- at least according to the calendars I have and the way people
: > >talk. (Any chance this is a religious thing and the devout Christians
: > >among us see Sunday as the first day for religious reasons?)
: > >And then of course, there's the 'weekend' -- Sat and Sun.
: >
: > That's interesting. I live in England and always have done, but when I was at
: > primary school we were always taught that Sunday was the first day of the week.
: > The same thing was true at university where the weeks in the term were numbered
: > 1 to 8 with the week beginning on Sunday.

: And I can show you university and school diaries with the week beginning on Monday.

: > I assume it is religious since Saturday (Sabato/Savatto in other languages) is
: > the "seventh day" in the story of the creation and hence the Jewish Sabbath.
: > The special nature of Sunday for Christians derives from its being the day of
: > the resurrection - perhaps the opposite of the day of rest.
: >
: > With all these interesting facts pertaining to religions it almost seems a shame
: > to not believe a word of them.

: Who doesn't believe them? It's just that they may only be relevant to religious
: people. If seems to that for some people the week begins on Sunday, for others
: on Monday, and both can be correct in their contexts (it also seems that the
: ISO standard says Monday is the first day, so perhaps there is a slow movement
: from Sunday to Monday).
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