Re: Life Duty Death

swan (
15 Sep 1995 17:07:31 GMT

>>> California was a desert before whites turned up. It is
>>> not as if it blowing away would be anything new.
>>Except that, NOW, millions of people depend upon that water to live.
>No they don't. They depends on that water to live *as*they*
>*do*now*. So their water rates would go up a bit. Even tried
>to work out the cost of bringing water to LA?

I *live* in California! Precicely, in San Francisco. Now, with a city
surrounded on 3 sides by water and in a lush green area, you would think
we would have water aplenty... we do not! The water system went through a
massive drought a couple years ago. We were saving water, lugging
dishwater in buckets to flush toiletw with, only flushing solid wastes
and letting lawns and gardens die. The Municipal Water district was
fining people who used more than their allotment! We were advised to take
military style showers, brush our teeth using only a half cup of water
and car washes were shut down! Los angeles has ALSO suffered similar
rationing. Yes, rationing. that's what they called it! We are currently
out of the drought situation, but only because of good run-off and snow
melt. Water conservation experts say that we CANNOT sustain much more
population growth! The water from our taps is turbid and cloudy. We just
had a period of time when we were advised to BOIL our drinking water!
why? See below!

>>Lake Baikal, the world's deepest lake, is suffering severe pollution,
>>a matter that has received worldwide attention, yet you deny it occurs.
>No I don't. I say it is not seriously polluted. If you define
>pollution in odd ways you get odd results. There is no present
>endangerment of organic life in Lake Baikal I know of. Besides
>you can't trust multinational satellite TV can you?

Then you have not SEEN the photos of dead fish floating on the surface?
Do you deny photographic evidence as well? What would it take to convince

>"Or threatened" ie gives us lots of money. Name a city that
>has had to invest millions in removing contamination in the
>local water supply.

SAN FRANCISCO for one! Listen, I have been patient up til now, but you

YES DEAD! How? Ever hear of Giardiasis? Giardia are microorganisms which
thrive in polluted water! They cause massive diarrhea. They fucking
EXIST, dammit! My foster son, Harvey N. Wilbur lived in San Francisco. He
had a weakened immune system. He DRANK San Francisco water, which we were
advised to BOIL FIRST!!! We did. It didn't help and Harvey came down with
Giardiasis. Massive infection! We believe he got it from ICE CUBES! Made
from SAN FRANCISCO TAP WATER! He died at 26 years of age! Many others
have died from Giardiasis and it is STILL present in our tapwater!
Do you understand death? Do you understand that I RAISED him and saw him
DIE? Do you understand that I am not quoting some statistic in some
article? THIS IS PERSONAL! Who have YOU lost? We can trace Harv's death
directly to POLLUTION! Pollution YOU say doesn't exist!