Re: Life Duty Death

Raven (
14 Sep 1995 22:46:47 GMT

Ernest Simpson ( wrote:
| Haveing been the recipient of Julies Hate mail on the e-mail side
| and read her tirades on here I am continually amazed at the
| inability of those at our colleges and universities to think with
| anything more than their hearts and hormones...

Having been the recipient of YOUR email, in which you repeatedly attributed
to me text which I did not write, despite my repeatedly informing you that I
hadn't, I am not inclined to regard you as an exemplar or judge of thinking.

| I think Julie needs to go take a series of valiums and get
| out of the instutionalized government education thing and
| into the real world..

If your idea of "the real world" is a Valium-induced haze...

well, that explains a lot.

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