Re: Life Duty Death

Joseph Askew (
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 22:22:50 GMT

In article <436ssj$> (Raven (J. Singleton)) writes:

>> Me and 1.2 billion Chinese.

>First you claim that speaking Chinese makes you an authority on "karma"
>(a Sanskrit term), now you claim that all Chinese are Buddhists????

Which they are. Nor do I claim it makes me an authority. Just
that I know what I am talking about when it comes to Buddhism.
The main Chinese religion. I am well aware of the origin of the
term. More so than you I would suspect.

>Joseph, you're talking through your hat. You're pretending to knowledge
>that you clearly don't have, since if you did you wouldn't make these goofs.

Coming from you this is contemptable.

>What dialect do you speak? Mandarin? Yue? Wu? Hakka? Xiang? Gan?
>Minbei? Minnan? Do you have any skill with the WRITTEN language? How many
>characters do you know? What animal is ten thousand? What tree is a doctor?

I speak Mandarin of course and half the dialects you list are
not Chinese dialects but separate languages. What is worse you
repeat yourself. Yes I have skill in the written language. And
the relevance of this is?

>In what Chinese text did you read anything at all about "karma"? By whom?
>In what characters was the word "karma" written? In how many strokes?

>Surely such a great scholar as yourself can answer these simple questions!