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: | Also, Mexico is a debtor nation. It cannot AFFORD the people it has NOW.
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: The United States is a debtor nation, in fact the world's biggest debtor.

: That had nothing to do with population, it had to do with fiscal idiocy
: at the helm. Before Reagan, the United States was the world's biggest
: CREDITOR -- in six years, we became the world's biggest DEBTOR, sheerly
: through the budgetary and trade deficits that were built into Reaganomics.
: (I wonder why the Republicans never mention this legacy of their rule.)

That may be. but we paid to end the cold war. I think it was worth it
in the long run. Now we don't have to worry as hard about all-out
nuclear war. Also, one of the largest polluting nations on this earth
suddenly got the idea of ecology being important.

: Mexico got caught on the wrong side of petroleum prices, and -- thanks to
: the same sort of leadership Reagan gave the USA -- had its previous profits
: mismanaged and/or blatantly embezzled, so that it lacked any "cushion".

: The population levels are not the cause of either of these debts.

True. People tend to end up with the worst kind of government they will
put up with. Rare is the leader who will put the future of his people
ahead of his own future. I think we tend to have more of them in our
Western Civilizations; but we don't seem to be doing terribly well in that
department either.

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