Re: Miscegnation

Elliot Richmond (
13 Sep 1995 20:29:41 GMT

In article <435f17$>, (Tracy Posavatz) wrote:

> I work at a supermarket (live in the Seattle area) and I've
> noticed that about 2/3 of the black men that come into the store have
> white partners. Now, I haven't seen ANY of the reverse. Also, take a
> stroll through soc.penpals and you'll notice that "SWM searching for SWF"
> is much more common than "SWF searching for SWM" (more often it's just SM).
> Anyone able to make sense of this?

The fact that you listed as subject an obsolete word (albeit misspelled)
leads me to suspect that you have some point or agenda. Or else this is
just a troll.

Assuming this isn't a troll, just what exactly is the question? Do black
men prefer white women? I dunno, who cares? Do single white males prefer
single white females? What are the other choices? Do single males prefer
single females? I hope so. The only sense to be made of it is that most
people seem to prefer to pair up with more or less permanent partners
rather than live alone. Most comonly, the pairing is between opposite sex
and similar "race" (whatever that is). Exceptions mean that we are not
all (thank heavens) alike.

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