Re: Afterlife in various religions? Egyptian concept

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13 Sep 1995 21:50:57 GMT

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> I need info about concepts of afterlife in different religions,
> whether it is heaven, hell, valhalla, Cicely, AK or nothingness.
> Any pointers for books are appreciated. Thanks.

While the Egyptians thought that there was a difference between being and becoming,
in that the sum of a person, place or thing's existence, was a process of becoming
whatever it is and was and always would be; equivalent to the essence of its being,
this process was cyclical in the same way that the sun rose, reached a zenith and

As the sun passed through the Tiamat or underworld each night, only to reappear the
next day in a new dawn, so they thought a man might eventually become a part of the
supreme being it was his purpose to transform into.

At a mans death his heartcase was weighed by Annubis against the feather of Maat
or truth to see if the life he lived had been devoted to doing what was essentially
right and proper. Those things about him which did not measure up were devoured by
Sebek the alligator; eater of souls and the purified essence of the man was directed
to follow Ra and his Solar Bark through the Tiamat.
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