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Raven (
13 Sep 1995 12:02:57 GMT

Joseph Askew ( wrote:
| (Beese Erik William) writes:
| >>>>>The bottom line is that our rivers are dying, our oceans are as well.
| >>>>No they are not. Lying is not going to help you.
| >>>Yes... They are... Acid rain has KILLED over half of the lakes in
| >>>northern Canada, making the water unsafe for human consumption and need I
| >>>remind you that Canada has approx. 33% of the worlds fresh water?
| >>So we have gone over to a new claim. Not rivers and seas but
| > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| >Where do you think the gratest percentage of water comes from?
| This has no relevance whatsoever. If you wish to discuss a
| new claim then admit it.

Clearly it HAS relevance. By your reasoning, pollution in the water mains
should not concern us, because we get water from our taps. But tap water
COMES FROM the mains. What affects the sources affects the destinations.

| >How do
| >rivers flow? from lake to lake from lake to sea. f the source is
| >contaminated then the entire system will become that way in the near future
| Really? That's nice for you. Not relevant but nice.

Contamination of the entire system is "not relevant"? But it IS "nice"?

| >Where do you think I got that fact? Out of a crackerjack box? Of course I
| >looked it up.
| Yes I do think you got it out of a cracker box as it is manifestly not true.

On what do you base this claim of "manifestly"?

| >Just don't come whining to us when the good ole USA runs
| >out... we already give you enough of our water as it is... The Colorado?
| >remember that river? Well we divert water from three rivers just so that
| >California doesn't dry up and blow away like so much desert sand
| California was a desert before whites turned up. It is
| not as if it blowing away would be anything new.

Except that, NOW, millions of people depend upon that water to live.

| Not that any of this relevant except it gives you a chance to whine
| some more. The world's lakes are not polluted either.

Lake Baikal, the world's deepest lake, is suffering severe pollution,
a matter that has received worldwide attention, yet you deny it occurs.

The entire Aral Sea -- which, despite the name of "Sea", is the world's
fourth largest lake -- has just been declared biologically dead, no longer
supporting the myriad forms of life once there, yet you deny it occurs.

US EPA Administrator Carol M. Browner says that (despite intense efforts)
"Nearly half of our contry's rivers, lakes, and creeks are still polluted
or threatened, and we have serious and increasing problems with our
drinking-water supplies." Yet you deny it occurs.

| >Besides do you think that they take you to the
| >dead lakes, the ones that have paper mills on them? The same water that
| >flows into the Indian reservations of Saskatchewan and Alberta and is
| >slowly killing them? I DON'T THINK SO!
| Name a dead river in Canada. Any one. The idea that safe
| waste from paper mills is slowly killing anyone is stupid.

Sure, the idea that "SAFE waste" could kill anyone is stupid.

What's stupid is calling it "SAFE".

| >Have you seen a dead lake? Probably not. I have, it's a really sad thing
| >to see.
| Which one did you see and how did you know it was dead?

Nothing lives in it. There, that was simple, wasn't it?

| >>Because no one owns them. They belong to whoever fishes
| >>for them. A situation crying out for trouble. Sell the
| >>fish and then whoever owns them will look after them.
| >Not a chance fead my post: IT'S NOT BECAUSE NO ONE OWNS THEM IT'S BECAUSE
| >THERE ARE NO FISH LEFT TO SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
| Bullshit. There are some fish left. Enough for the Spanish
| to continue fishing even.

When nations have to start raiding other nations' territorial waters to get
the fish they used to find in international waters, it might be a hint to
anyone but you, Joe, that the pickings are getting slim.

| >>>Oh and cancer isn't an old disease... What about HIV?
| >>Doesn't kill many people. No cancer is not an old disease.
| >>We have a Greek name for it it is so old.
| >Excuse me you lost me... cancer is an old disease now you're arguing with
| >yourself.. And cancer is a big problem.
| Cancer is not a big problem. It is a big killer but not a problem.
| Nor am I arguing with myself you just refuse to think.

Ah. A big killer but not a problem. How silly of anyone to think that a
big killer might (by reason of being a big killer) be a problem. Right.

| >I'm sorry but you seem to be living in a bubble world... HOW can you sit
| >there and say that everything is fine when the signs all around us are
| >saying that the Earth has nothing left to give.
| Because there are no such signs.
| >That she's run out of fish,
| No she has not.
| >that our oil is drying up and what is left is poor quality. That
| So?

Joe, what do you think the world economy depends upon? Why do you think
the OPEC nations got rich? What do you think sparked the Gulf War?

| >our groundwater is laced with pesticides and heavy metals that have
| >leeched out of our waste dumps.
| No it is not.

Oh? Please tell the USA's Environmental Protection Agency. They'd be
delighted to learn that their worries were unnecessary.

| >The most beautiful birds of prey are showing mass signs of DDT poisoning,
| No they are not.


| >The fish in our Great Lakes are
| >deadly to humans because their mercury contents is so high.
| Which must be nice for them.

But not so nice for human beings, Joe.

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