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: >>>>The bottom line is that our rivers are dying, our oceans are as well.
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: >>>No they are not. Lying is not going to help you.
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: Where do you think I got that fact? Out of a crackerjack box? Of course I
: looked it up. Just don't come whining to us when the good ole USA runs

Then why not give your source?

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: >>Oh and cancer isn't an old disease... What about HIV?
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: Excuse me you lost me... cancer is an old disease now you're arguing with
: yourself.. And cancer is a big problem.

Actualy, according to articles I have read in Science News and
elsewhere, the rate of tumor formation is much higher in most animals
than in humans, because we humans have evolved higher levels of SOD
(SUper Oxide Dismutase,) and some other free radical scavengers. It is a
problem, but not as great a problem as one would think.

: I'm sorry but you seem to be living in a bubble world... HOW can you sit
: there and say that everything is fine when the signs all around us are
: saying that the Earth has nothing left to give. That she's run out of
: fish, that our oil is drying up and what is left is poor quality. That
: our groundwater is laced with pesticides and heavy metals that have
: leeched out of our waste dumps. The most beautiful birds of prey are
: showing mass signs of DDT poisoning, The fish in our Great Lakes are
: deadly to humans because their mercury contents is so high.

You may like to note that the largest quantity of probable oil
reserves has hardly been tapped. The former soveit union has them.
As for the Great Lakes, they are recovering slowly.

There is no question that we have had our excesses in the past.
Starting with the American Indians who rapidly devestated a lot of species
in the midwest LONG before "white man" came from Europe.
then again, you could ALSO attribute a large portion of that to major
climatic changes starting about the 1200's, which changed the meadowlands
of the middle of the North American continent to grasslands.

And if you look at some of the evidence mentioned in National
Geographic and Science News regarding pollution, it appears that
primitives had more lung damage and heavy metals contamination from
cooking fires in their tents and hovels, than most of us encounter in
non-smokers and non-coal miners.
You might also note that notable heavy metals contamination, primarily
lead, is found in glacial ice beginning with the time Greece and Rome
got fairly underway... Some interesting articles in Scientific American
about that this year or last, I think.

And if you subscribe to the theory of rock dust nurturing trees,
(fairly controversial, but the evidence is rather obvious around some
kinds of rock quarying operations,) you may find that a large part of our
forest die-off is due to the depletion of the soil by NATURAL over-use by
the trees themselves! It isn't just us humans, it's part of natures cycle
that produces the ice ages, which grind up more rock dust for the forests
to grow on.

We may not have done well in the past, but we are learning to be more
efficient and caring for our environment. Hungry people in the third
world do NOT care nearly as much about the world's environment as we
Western Folks seem to. They do have a reason for this -- they are hungry,
have less technological resources, and less education than we do.
Living in the lap of luxury, (why else to so many people try to get
into America?) it is easy for us to think we have sinned when we see how
the rest of the world looks. Maybe, just maybe, we live in the lap of
luxury because we figured out how to MAKE a lot of that luxury OURSELVES,
as opposed to stealing it from elsewhere.

No question we CAN do better. We will.

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