Re: Basque, where did they come from?

Fred Hamori (
11 Sep 1995 18:47:49 GMT

In reply to whether Hungarian and Basque could have some archaic
primitive level of relationship. I am not acquainted with Basque, but on
few occasions have run into short lists and did find very basic common
words. This may be not so much an indication that Basque is part of
Finno_Ugrian, but perhaps the parent of Finno_Ugrian if I may be so bold
as to jump that far. Not long ago there was some silly posting by a
Slovak or Czech individual about Basque vs Slovakm, which was humorous.
In it he brought out a few words which matched between them. What was
interesting was that most of those words were also in Hungarian and most
were of ancient near eastern origin also.
So perhaps there is an archaic link, and just becouse this topic has
never received serious study, doesnt mean there couldn't be a link,
although certainly not a close link. Many Hungarians who have been
amongst Basques have also told me that there are many similar family
names amongst them. _who knows wether that is relevant here or not?-
Fred H.
I am also not a linguist, just an avid language student.