Re: Life Duty Death

Joseph Askew (
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 22:16:55 GMT

In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.950911091204.3572D-100000@Ra.MsState.Edu> "Marty G. Price" <mprice@Ra.MsState.Edu> writes:

>> You go off and play your silly little game then. I'll
>> go on living my life as I please. We will see who is
>> right in the end.

>As a believer in Karma, I will tell you the First Law of Karma is "You
>must live in the world you create."

Fine. I actually speak Chinese and I will tell you there
is no such thing as the First Law of Karma but why let
the truth get in the way of your other delusions?

>That means that actions have consequences, simple earthly consequences,
>that you must live with. If you murder your mother, you must live
>motherless. If you destroy the Earth that sustains us, you must live on
>an increasingly inhospitable planet.

Fine. Not that I will. Or can. The Earth is going to be
here full of happy little humans for a long time to come.
All buying MacDonald's and watching Cable TV. Deal with it.

>As a believer in the interdependence of all things (which means I know a
>little science, which is *much* more than you know) I know I and my
>children must also live in the world you help create.

Fine. Lucky for you I'm not trying to ruin your life
like you are trying to ruin mine.

>No, I will not let you go off and play *your* silly game. I and my
>children do not wish to suffer the consequences of your actions. I
>refuse to have my planet destroyed by someone who appears to have flunked
>Biology I.

I didn't flunk Biology I actually. I got a Conceded Pass.

>Pollution does not go away the day we stop producing it; it remains to
>plague us for years (or decades, or centuries, depending on the type of
>pollution). Fish do not regenerate when we have killed off the breeding
>stock. Those are LOGICAL CONSEQUENCES to irresponsible actions.

Pollution is not a real problem. We couldn't kill all the
fish breeding stocks if we tried. Do get a life.

Nice to see the incipent fascism of the Green movement
so opne and public though. After all what are you going
to do - shoot me if I keep disagreeing with you?