Re: Life Duty Death

Joseph Askew (
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 22:09:17 GMT

In article <> (Beese Erik William) writes:

>>>>>The bottom line is that our rivers are dying, our oceans are as well.

>>>>No they are not. Lying is not going to help you.

>>>Yes... They are... Acid rain has KILLED over half of the lakes in
>>>northern Canada, making the water unsafe for human consumption and need I
>>>remind you that Canada has approx. 33% of the worlds fresh water?

>>So we have gone over to a new claim. Not rivers and seas but
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>Where do you think the gratest percentage of water comes from?

This has no relevance whatsoever. If you wish to discuss a
new claim then admit it.

>How do
>rivers flow? from lake to lake from lake to sea. f the source is
>contaminated then the entire system will become that way in the near future

Really? That's nice for you. Not relevant but nice.

>Where do you think I got that fact? Out of a crackerjack box? Of course I
>looked it up.

Yes I do think you got it out of a cracker box as it is
manifestly not true.

>Just don't come whining to us when the good ole USA runs
>out... we already give you enough of our water as it is... The Colorado?
>remember that river? Well we divert water from three rivers just so that
>California doesn't dry up and blow away like so much desert sand

California was a desert before whites turned up. It is
not as if it blowing away would be anything new. Not that
any of this relevant except it gives you a chance to whine
some more. The world's lakes are not polluted either.

>Besides do you think that they take you to the
>dead lakes, the ones that have paper mills on them? The same water that
>flows into the Indian reservations of Saskatchewan and Alberta and is
>slowly killing them? I DON'T THINK SO!

Name a dead river in Canada. Any one. The idea that safe
waste from paper mills is slowly killing anyone is stupid.

>Have you seen a dead lake? Probably not. I have, it's a really sad thing
>to see.

Which one did you see and how did you know it was dead?

>>Because no one owns them. They belong to whoever fishes
>>for them. A situation crying out for trouble. Sell the
>>fish and then whoever owns them will look after them.

>Not a chance fead my post: IT'S NOT BECAUSE NO ONE OWNS THEM IT'S BECAUSE
>THERE ARE NO FISH LEFT TO SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bullshit. There are some fish left. Enough for the Spanish
to continue fishing even.

>>>Oh and cancer isn't an old disease... What about HIV?

>>Doesn't kill many people. No cancer is not an old disease.
>>We have a Greek name for it it is so old.

>Excuse me you lost me... cancer is an old disease now you're arguing with
>yourself.. And cancer is a big problem.

Cancer is not a big problem. It is a big killer but not
a problem. Nor am I arguing with myself you just refuse
to think.

>I'm sorry but you seem to be living in a bubble world... HOW can you sit
>there and say that everything is fine when the signs all around us are
>saying that the Earth has nothing left to give.

Because there are no such signs.

>That she's run out of

No she has not.

>that our oil is drying up and what is left is poor quality. That


>our groundwater is laced with pesticides and heavy metals that have
>leeched out of our waste dumps.

No it is not.

>The most beautiful birds of prey are
>showing mass signs of DDT poisoning,

No they are not.

>The fish in our Great Lakes are
>deadly to humans because their mercury contents is so high.

Which must be nice for them.