Dutch national identity

erwin doreleijers (e.h.j.c.m.doreleijers@inter.nl.net)
Fri, 8 Sep 1995 07:17:53 GMT

The students of the Royal Netherlands Naval Staff College have to
write a paper about *The position of the Netherlands in the world*.
The part I have to write is about the Dutch national identity, seen
through the eyes of the world and the influence it has on the
position of the Netherlands in the world. I would like to put the
following questions to you:

1. How would you (as a non-Dutchman) describe the Dutch national
2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this identity?
3. What influence does it have on the position of the Netherlands?
4. How often are the Netherlands (roughly) mentioned in your national
5. What is your experience with the Dutch or the Netherlands?
6. What is your nationality?
7. Do you have any suggestion on reading material?

I have to complete my paper mid October 1995. Thank you very much for
your co-operation.

Lieutenant Commander RNLN Hans M. Leeflang.