Re: Life Duty Death

Ernest Simpson (
8 Sep 1995 22:33:44 GMT

In article <>, says...
Massive Cut due to drivil from the strange

>If you REALLY, TRULY believed that, you would kill yourself because the Earth
>is more important to you than individual human life. Apparently you only
>believe there are too many OTHER people--people who aren't you, aren't your
>great grandfather from Europe, aren't your relative from Germany, aren't your
>friends and lovers and employers--remote people in Mexico who have no right to
>be born. I still do not understand why you believe YOU had the right to be

Haveing been the recipient of Julies Hate mail on the e-mail side
and read her tirades on here I am continually amazed at the
inability of those at our colleges and universities to think with
anything more than their hearts and hormones...

Since julie has stated her position so unclearly All I can assume
is that she thinks the entire world should drag itsself down
to the lowes common demoninator and breed until we are
wall to wall screaming starving humanity... No one should
be able to accumulate any posetions unless every whining
baby maker on the planet has as much as we do... Stupidity
and laziness have no bearing on productivity the only thing
we should do is encourage more and more breeding...

I think Julie needs to go take a series of valiums and get
out of the instutionalized government education thing and
into the real world..

I know we have a bunch of edu people here but not many a
re as far strung out as this young lady with massive problem

Julie I hope you don't mine if I don't participate in your
world wide socialist governmental welfare program... Your
dependence on Gov handouts is obvoious and your contempt
for working and advancing yourself is true socialist stupidity..

Oh well so much for a cranky old druid

ZOOMING off into the Sunset
VRoooooMMMMMMMm Biker Druid with Attitude