Re: Life Duty Death

Ernest Simpson (
7 Sep 1995 17:38:36 GMT

In article <>, says...
>>In the article about mandatory sterilization, the writer referred to a
>>woman Lidia Garcia who had been pressured after her fifth child to be
>>sterilized. She refused and after the birth of her SIXTH baby, she awoke
>>to find that she had had a "tubal ligation" done
>>How many children SHOULD she have?
Massive SNIP
Poor economic planning and
>corruption caused the debt crisis in Mexico--not high fertility. And yes, if
>you lived in Mexico, you would probably head North, too, because that is the
>rational thing to do. Mexicans are not "told" to do it by the government or
>anybody else--it is obvious. We can absorb plenty--already have--and it is
>the least we can do considering U.S. bankers are the ones responsible for
>giving most of the loans that have got Mexico into trouble in the first place.
> And if you kick out the Mexicans, I hope you figure out a way to get around
>your disability and start picking vegetables for yourself, or you may have to
>switch to an all-meat-and-potatoes diet.


Where does it say in the US Constitution that we are to take in the over flow
population from Mexico or any other unrestricted poor breeding country and provide
welfare for them...

Question was Ms Garcia on Welfare.. If so why does she have the right to continue to
breed children and expect the rest of the world to support them.. I would bet this was
a non supporting household one that lives on the public dole...

Julie your issue about why the US owes Mexico or any other country anything is a

If the Poor would possibly take responsibility for raising the children they feel so free
to bring into the world then prehaps those of us who are forced by a Gun toating
federal gestapo ( the IRS) to take care of those children would be a little more
tolerant of the unbridled breeding...

Until then I invoke the Golden Rule I have to put out the Gold to support this
breeding machine, I make the rule as to whether she can continue to breed and her
feelings are irrelavent..

Ernie Simpson
Biker Druid with Attitude