Re: Big Bang: How widely accepted?

Bruce Scott TOK (
7 Sep 1995 11:41:53 GMT

Robert Roosen ( wrote:


: Consider the source, and note that these guys are getting paid to
: be guard dogs for a crumbling establishment. Also note that they are
|__ I see you've learned from Gil.

: indeed guys. Few if any women support this hogwash.

I think eminent female astrophysicists like Virginia Trimble might take
exception to such a stupid comment. On the other hand, Professor
Trimble might just laugh and move on. Likewise Emmi Meyer-Hofmeister.

: PS For a look at real cosmology, read cosmologist Joseph Campbell's
: "Hero with a Thousand Faces" or "The Power of Myth". He predicts that
: most of the Big Bang supporters are headed for schizophrenic crackups.

Lots of badly informed people make badly misguided statements. Just
look at sci.astro and sci.physics even after all the Roosen types have
taken their leave (now, when _will_ that be).

Sci.anthropology denizens -- blame this nonsense on Roosen and no-one
else. He is the one who is doing the nonsensical crossposting.

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