Re: Life Duty Death

swan (
8 Sep 1995 03:54:11 GMT

Right! And as for religion, I feel that the Catholic religion is one of
the most destructive and pernicious cancers that infest our species... as
is Christianity in general! OK, say Mrs Garcia's faith says she must have
kids. MY religion (Asatru) states that I must care for my OWN first. MY
religion says that I must be RESPONSIBLE for myself and my family! What
if MY religion said I had the right to a car. does that mean I can steal
one? If Mrs Garcia's faith says she must have babies, then fine! But I
refuse ... REFUSE... to pay for them!! I will not, I cannot and I SHALL
not! It is against my religion! Having children I could not provide for
is "ergi" (dishonor). It is against my faith to do so. I have OBEYED my