Re: Big Bang: How widely accepted?

Carl Fink (
6 Sep 1995 23:55:54 -0400

In article <>, (Robert Roosen) wrote:
> When I was being trained in National Security work, one of the
>things the instructor stressed is that the easiest way to take control
>of a population is to teach them a philosphy, religion and cosmology
>that makes them feel worthless. Then it becomes a trivial matter to
>dominate them.

Okay, what does this mean? Which government was training you in
philosophical subversion? Are you a Fifth Columnist as well as an

> The promotion of the Big Bang as anything more than the opinion of
>a bunch of warmongering physicists is such an effort. Look at the rude,
>abusive, profane methods by which the "true believers" attempt to
>mentally bludgeon anyone whose heart rebels against the claim that the
>universe is made only os dead matter.

I have been neither abusive nor profane. Furthermore, I reject the
label "true believer", which by its meaning can't apply in this
matter. No one has expressed "faith" in the Bang, just said that it's
the best hypothesis yet tested.

> So, as a Doctor of Philosophy,

Astronomer. This is misleading, as Roosen is implying philosophical
training he seemingly hasn't had. Ph.D. is no longer interpreted as
literally as he's trying to.

> Consider the source, and note that these guys are getting paid to
>be guard dogs for a crumbling establishment. Also note that they are
>indeed guys. Few if any women support this hogwash.

Few women post to any part of Usenet, particularly the sci.* areas.
For a person who fatuously interprets all of science as sociology
only, Roosen is unwilling to use even elementary social interpretation
when it works against his argument.

>PS For a look at real cosmology, read cosmologist Joseph Campbell's
>"Hero with a Thousand Faces" or "The Power of Myth". He predicts that
>most of the Big Bang supporters are headed for schizophrenic crackups.

Check the copyright -- he predicted this a long time ago, and
strangely it didn't happen. Note also that modern psychiatry
interprets schizophrenia as an organic brain disorder, not a result of
"wrong ideas".

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