Re: Life Duty Death

swan (
7 Sep 1995 05:24:25 GMT

My great grandfather came here from Denmark as a sailor. He paid his way
and had children which he supported. My grandfather was born in San
Francisco. He lost land in the Great earthquake of 1906 and took NO
assistance in rebuilding. My father was born in San Francisco and held a
job with the railroads. He died when I was four.. My great grandmother
came from Germany and worked as a stenographer. My grandmother worked as
a legal secretary and is now on her Social Security. My mother died when
I was four and thus my father's railroad pension never was used.
On my mother's side I can trace my ancestry back to the 1700's and so far
as I can determine I am the FIRST in my family (both sides) te recieve
disability (due to blindness). I am a taxpayer as well, because I
recieve a small income from a part time job.

AND I HAVE NO CHILDREN. Why? Because I cannot afford them. And because I
cannot afford children, I do without! I am not proud of recieving help
from the government. I have worked for twenty years and now, my failing
eyesight will not allow me to continue. I was forced into the position I
am now in. The problem is incurable. There is no way I would be able to
raise a child with the advantages it would need. So I do not have one.

All I expect is that people, like myself, who are forced onto accepting
public money SHOW RESPONSIBILITY for the money they recieve!