Scottish anthropology (was Re: No Anthropology here)
Wed, 6 Sep 1995 12:10:40 GMT

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>I'm interested in this reference to Scottish anthropology
>(especially as I live in Scotland). Alas, there isn't a lot,
>though Tony Cohen did a very interesting study of Shetland a few
>years ago.

There were also studies of Shetland and also the Aberdeen area at the
beginning of the Oil era - Reg Byron and Graham MacFarlane spring to mind.
(North Sea Oil Panel Occasional Papers).
Byron also did some stuff about Burra (one of the predominantly fishing
oriented islands, like Whalsa') have a look at 'Sea Change'.
And there's also my honours dissertation! - this was a community study just
after the Braer oil spill.
There was also some stuff done about the Western Isles by Judith Ennew.
However I've not heard of much work being done on the mainland, which is a
pity. I should imagine that the effects of the nuclear industry on Caithness
would be interesting....