GILGAMESH EPIC, quest for immortality
Sun, 03 Sep 95 19:46:29 PDT

I'm working on Gilgamesh epic and Sumerian legends, and would like to get into
contact with someone who is -or has been- studying on it too.
Any help is welcome, here or by e-mail.

1) I'm notably interested into conections between Gilgamesh and other
mythologies :

- Some comparisons have been made between Gilgamesh epic and some episode of
the Bible, also with Ulysse in the Odyssey,
- Other comparisons with the egyptian tale of "the two brothers" (but I don't
have the reference), and the "Buluqqiya" tale in the "One and thousands nigths
Tales". I don't have it too, and the trad. is maybe wrong from the french "Les
Contes des Mille et une Nuits".

- May be it's possible to compare the story of the heroe Yima in the Avesta,
with the sumerian tale "Gilgamesh and the NetherWorld", for the scene of the
pukku and the mekku, something like a cercle and a stick, that Gilgamesh
looses as they fall into the Netherworld ;

2) As Gilgamesh is the most known heroe, maybe the only one, that has been
searching actively immortality, I am wondering if other cases of such heroe's
quest do exist and have not found any until now.

Francoise CAMY
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