An Open Letter

dannie hawkins (71726.3204@CompuServe.COM)
5 Sep 1995 21:47:56 GMT

The following paragraphs below were sent to: (Jerry Learn)
in response to his mail concerning my post to bionet.general that were annoying
some of the scientific minds who read that ngroup. Apparently there are more
readers in that group who become ill mannered, ill tempered, and ill-ill, in
such ways that do nothing to enhance their standing within the broader communi-
ties of man Kind. There are also readers from other groups who act much the same
way. Complainants range from being bureaucraticly polite to the vilest personal
attacks, and of course [some] are the kind that would take manly balls for them
to say face to face to their hated foe. But they don't have manly balls so they
scream from afar as sissies would do. Maybe to them, this is warfare. Well if it
is, let them declare it, don't pussyfoot around, so we will "know the rules of
engagement." Oops, forgot, *they* are parts (even if minor) of the system, and
everyone with true intelligence knows not to trust the system OR it's rules of

To Jerry Learn:
Ok, in general, I would have to agree that "black cloud over compuserve" should
not have been posted there, But, I was not first to bring compuserve up. [That]
was done by none other than a "Wolfgang Wuster," a biologist And a top shelf
Asshole from Wales. His email to me was not to tell me to go elsewhere with my
posting, but to make several extremely childish, then *sick*, personal attacks
which back-fired because of his stupidity. His childish ways lead him to even
include Cmp. in one of his attacks, therefore He opened the door.

I understand netiquette, and I also know and practice politeness etc., unless..,
but it seems few others have this understanding, and if they do, they totally
ignore even the mim. standards until they can somehow benefit by using them,
usually when they feel defeated in some way. I know this has nothing to do with
the cmp. post, but you obviously didn't go to this trouble Just for [that]

I post to *bionet "general" area because I thought that would be a more proper
place. As its name implies, it's not a specialized area, and is also one of the
*least used* areas. I would not post in any specialized area. I consider my post
to be relevant [in some form] to all five NG's I post to. A problem exist Only
because Some people literally hate for certain things to be said in public, and
will try *anything* to "hush" those whom they disagree with. It's sad indeed for
such people to have Any kind of influence, direct or otherwise.

Not once have I made a personal attack on anyone that had not first attacked me,
and even then, I considered the responses to be relevant as a continuation of
the thought in the post. What I cannot understand is the hatred that literally
oozes from most of the attackers. I cannot understand why someone who disagrees,
or even thinks the post are totally stupid, would not simply ignore them, drive
on by. I don't involve myself with any posting other than mine, and probably
never will. I state my beliefs and leave it to be read or not read. It makes no
difference to me what anyone says or thinks about what I say, but certain kinds
of attacks should and will be responded to. Thanks for the bit of net history,
and hope you fare well with those you work with.