Re: If god exists, what created god? :The answer

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5 Sep 1995 15:01:11 GMT

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>> You are right; it is like the six blind men who tried to
>> describe the elephant.
>>If god is omniscent, why create the
>>>universe, whose outcome is already known to its creator.
>>Is God a sadist who enjoys watching the suffering of
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Saw one plausible and easily acceptable answer in last night's
episode of M*A*S*H, the chaplain said, " God created us in his
own image so that he could live in us."
I looked at the statement from this perspective:

god = unknown, abstract, formless, nameless.
man = has tangible attributes.
Hence look within and not without, avoid giving the
unknown names or forms.
Representation, always leads to misrepresentation.
Misrepresentation, in turn leads to misinterpretation,
which is the root of most strife.

Gopakumar Venugopalan
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