Re: Life Duty and Death 2/2

mark (
4 Sep 1995 23:08:52 -0500

In article <41cl38$>, wrote:
> swan <> wrote:
> >There once was a fellow
> >Who raved about species
> >And destruction of same,
> >He bore as his theses!
> >I thought of his tale
> >And found it quite specious
> >If I didn't know better
> >I'd swear he's facetious!
> >I think we should take
> >His bullsh*t with a twist
> >To be put where't belongs
> >The Endangered FECES List!!
> Don't quit your day job....
Awwww, but it fits so *well*....

By Ghu, Dearth_Diatribes is apparently just another freshman with not
enough homework yet, posting the crap he's been to these newsgroups.

danny, boy, <rattle,rattle>, there, you've rattled our chains. Go away,