life duty death

dannie hawkins (71726.3204@CompuServe.COM)
5 Sep 1995 02:52:55 GMT

>swan <> On Subject: Life Duty Death, wrote a very perceptive post,
And brought up what most white Aryans do not want to face; a look at the Many
*side affects* resulting from mans' most brilliant discoveries. Swan also said:

>If there is ANY race and culture that needs to either re-learn or be
>eliminated, it is US! We did it, we are paying for it and we will
>continue to pay. All our science will not avail in the end BECAUSE it is
>science that GOT us in this fix!

Other white Aryans have said the same thing, but after due consideration,
realized that there is a little more to [it] than that, And, their specieist
survival instinct (another totally Natural instinct that *brainist deny) finally
wins them over.

It is a Big mistake to think that if white Aryan Kind became extinct, things
would be better. Certain Asian groups are Now Just As Involved in ALL areas of
R&D that will *guarantee* a continuation of the many destructive practices, and
Probably at a much Faster rate. Therefore it is Not a "white thing." It's an
*All Kind* thing. Even inside the powerful white Aryan nations who *were* world
leaders in this destruction, there are many different *Kind involved in these
"life-saving" programs. Therefore we have an attitude problem that is common in
all man Kind, but Not the same in All Individuals.

Human natures are not equal, and this will Never be understood as long as man
views man through *specialman* eyes. One can not see a goat if one is determined
the goat does not exist. Gullibility comes from lower natures, but not always.
Children born into Sophisticated societies are trained from birth in the ways of
artificial man, thus they have no concept of their true human natures. Persons
may appear to have only lower natures because of these artificial teachings, but
if they in fact possess higher natures, they will probably overcome those un-
natural influences in time, but much quicker if they have to face some sort of
hardships in life.

Asianman, Euroman, even Mandela, can and will quickly destroy "primitive" tribes
and their lifestyles of living within the bounds of Nature. It appears that
lower natures have the majority in All Kinds, which is the reason most humans,
regardless of Kind, succumb to BS much sooner, and are the last to pull their
heads from the dungheap of useless words.

All things considered, Swan is probably right in that this artificial world
probably cannot survive too much longer, but if it does, bloodshed will be much
worse tomorrow than today.