Re: Big Bang: How widely accepted?

Iain Coleman ((no email))
Mon, 4 Sep 1995 13:06:00 GMT (Robert Roosen) wrote:
>Iain Coleman (iain) wrote:
>: (Robert Roosen) wrote:
>: > The Big Bang cosmology is the creation myth of the
>: >Military/Industrial Complex.
>: Gets sillier, doesn't it?
>: When do you reckon the military/industrial complex came into existence?
>According to General/President Eisenhower, December 8, 1941.
>: Was this before or after the discovery of the cosmic microwave background?
>Much before
>: If measurements of the deceleration parameter had turned out differently,
>: would steady state cosmology be "the creation myth of the Military/Industrial
>: Complex"?
>No. The initails SS have an unfortunate connotation among old timers.

OK, I'll try to be kind here and deal with whatever actual points I can
discern amongst the tosh (which requires no further comment from me). You
seem to be saying that, even if the measurements had favoured steady state,
we would still accept big bang instead. Why, for goodness sake?

>: Do you, in fact, have a clue?
>Yes. Here it is: Where does your salary come from? Have you ever heard
>of "conflict of interest"?

My shekels are generously provided by the Particle Physics and Astronomy
Research Council, which is funded by the taxpayer. Any "conflict of
interest" is a product of your fevered imagination - unless John Major is
counting on gravitational lensing to win him the next election, in which
case he's even more desperate than I thought.