Re: Big Bang: How widely accepted?

Colm Buckley (
4 Sep 1995 01:25:59 GMT

> == (Robert Roosen)

>> If measurements of the deceleration parameter had turned out
>> differently, would steady state cosmology be "the creation myth of
>> the Military/Industrial Complex"?

> No. The initails SS have an unfortunate connotation among old timers.

And this is why the Steady State theory was discredited? Was it not a
lot more to do with the fact that, like Pythagoran epicycles, you had to
jump through rididulously elaborate hoops to make it fit the
observations, whereas the big bang, like Keplerian elliptical orbits,
gave a much better fit with far less ornamentation?

>> What testable predictions are made by the Norse legend?
> Who owns and controls Norway
>> If there are any, have they been tested?
> Yes.
>> With what results?
> Death to unbelievers

You're not being serious here, are you?

KotM nomination, anyone?


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