Sun, 03 Sep 95 21:23:33 PDT

I shall probably regret asking this. You know curiousity killed
> the cat (Thank God I'm not a cat). But...
> Dear Michelle,

There is no excuse in raping anybody from any racial background or regarding
behaviour. This crime from men against women should be punished must stronger
than now. It is underestimated how long and how bad women suffer from rape. I
can tell you, because I speak about my wife. The rapist, whether black, white
or blue (let's hope the last variation) should be punished to the maximum. I am
not against castration in recidivist cases.
We never found the rapist of my wife. It's 5 years ago, and in fact, everyday
he is still there, this beast. If I find him, I will kill him, promised.

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> "...It was as if the interlopers had suggested to a bunch of born-
> again Christians that they hunt up the Ark of the Covenant and turn it
> into a pay toilet."--Stephen King (The Wastelands)