Re: Big Bang: How widely accepted?

Robert Roosen (
Sun, 3 Sep 1995 06:04:49 GMT

Iain Coleman (iain) wrote:
: (Robert Roosen) wrote:
: > Cosmology in the anthropological sense is the creation myth that
: >a society promotes.
: > For instance, in the Norse legends, two brothers killed the frost
: >giant and built the earth out of his body.
: > The Big Bang cosmology is the creation myth of the
: >Military/Industrial Complex.

: Gets sillier, doesn't it?

: When do you reckon the military/industrial complex came into existence?

According to General/President Eisenhower, December 8, 1941.

: Was this before or after the discovery of the cosmic microwave background?

Much before

: If measurements of the deceleration parameter had turned out differently,
: would steady state cosmology be "the creation myth of the Military/Industrial
: Complex"?
No. The initails SS have an unfortunate connotation among old timers.

: What testable predictions are made by the Norse legend?

Who owns and controls Norway
If there are any,
: have they been tested?
With what results?
Death to unbelievers

: Do you, in fact, have a clue?

Yes. Here it is: Where does your salary come from? Have you ever heard
of "conflict of interest"?

: yours testily,
: Iain

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