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1 Sep 1995 03:37:20 GMT

Rusty Rae <> wrote:
>Nestor Lopez <> wrote:
>> Frances Hunter <> wrote:
>> >=03This was an interesting story. I sympathize with the Mark Lewis (the
>> >twin who became a lawyer). If environment is everything then where does
>> >free will fit in?
>> >
>> >
>> Free will does not exist if it means "The ability to make
>> decisions without being influenced by the environment and/or previous
>> experiences". We posses memory which by its very nature rules out the
>> possibility of free will.
> But what about instances of "divine intervention", as described
>in so many books since humankind began to write them?
> Sheila

I'm sorry Sheila but I think I lost you. "Divine intervention"?
Do you mean the intervention of some kind of divine force in our decision
making? My point was made from a social psychology perspective, thus a
scientific perspective. Let not mix folklore with science please!

Nestor Lopez