Re: dark cloud seen over compuserve

D. Kirkpatrick (
Fri, 01 Sep 1995 23:44:27 -0500

In article <427kns$>, (L B Olson) wrote:

> Dannie, if the CIS basic services appeals to you, you should keep an eye
> out for an Internet provider in your local dialing area. Everything that
> CIS offers there is available on the Web. You often won't hear about a
> provider opening in your area, as most are low-budget operations. Most
> of them monitor the "" newsgroups (free advertising).
> Asking a question about availability in your area will often get a
> response.
> dannie hawkins <71726.3204@CompuServe.COM> wrote:
> >Beginning Sept. 10,`95, Compuserve introduces its new "pricing plan" to Save
> >Us money. Under the old plan(s) "Basic services" ($10 allowed

Good advise. I took it some time back. I retain CIS though because I am
a moderator for one of it's discussion forums.

Within a year or less Compuserve will have an icon driven interface that
will be seamless. In other words you will be able to click on an icon to
move from one of CIS's internal discussion forums to the web, to the
newsgroups. At present for some of this you have to log out and re-log
back in to get attached to one of their other servers or to use 3rd party
programs such as Netscape to get to the web.


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