dark cloud seen over compuserve

dannie hawkins (71726.3204@CompuServe.COM)
1 Sep 1995 16:53:54 GMT

Beginning Sept. 10,`95, Compuserve introduces its new "pricing plan" to Save
Us money. Under the old plan(s) "Basic services" ($10 pr.mo.) allowed unlimited
time in many areas such as ap news, reference, etc., plus 3hr."extended" (or Net)
time. This was a Very Good Deal especially for newsjunkies. It was cheaper,
much more reliable and thorough than the local newspaper and other media. Under
compuserve's new plan to save us money, my cost for the 40 or so hours a month
I'm online will save me -95 dollars. "Such a deal!!" Where will I spend all
these savings. Well..., now I'm in a position to go to Prodigy, where (at least
for now) there still exists a plan similar to cmp's basic. The cost is 15 bucks,
plus 5 net hours. All things considered, Prodigy is "Top Dawg" but you have to
learn *tolerance for its more cluttered appearance. Now I shall say a prayer:
Heah..., you up there, the god of darkness. Cast ye the Shadow of Darkness over
compuserve, (a baddass one) and all compuserve's seed yet born. thanx.