Re: If god exists, what created god?

1 Sep 1995 12:08:04 -0400

This is a tired stupid thread. If god is omniscent, why create the
universe, whose outcome is already known to its creator. It is a stupid,
pointless exercise. Is God a sadist who enjoys watching the suffering of
others? Since he knows who will be damned and who will be saved, why not
just cut to the chase, and create some in heaven and some in hell to begin
with. Unless of course-the creation is endowed with the capability of
original thought and can teach the creator something new. That is unless
god has suspended his omniscence and omnipotence, or never possessed those
qualities-perhaps it was God that exploded in the Big Bang and is trying
to restore itself to wholeness through the wonder of its constituent
parts-in which case we ARE god.