Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)

Solomon Taibi (
1 Sep 1995 01:19:32 GMT

<Pine.A32.3.91.950831142616.67517B-100000-100000-100000-100000@spider.u> Luis Marcelo Schultz <> writes:
>On 22 Aug 1995, Robert A. Uhl wrote:
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>> Bob Haley <> wrote:

>>Well, that's not quite true. Neither the Orthodox nor the Catholic
>>church has pagan practices (...)I challenge you to name one
>>practice of either church which is pagan.
> I can say one: the use of candles in the church
>derives from pagans rituals (adoring the Sun) AND was taken by the
>church precisely to take the pagans into OUR church.

Candle lighting is also a Jewish practice, nothing to
do with sun-worship (though that may be meaning in some religions).
Is it at least possible that this is where the Christians got the
idea? I don't say this is necessarily so, but to have a definite
opinion I'd need more information than you give.

How about kneeling in front of statues? Is that a pagan practice?

S. Taibi