Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 19:00:33 GMT

In article <>, Luis Marcelo Schultz <> writes:
>On 22 Aug 1995, Robert A. Uhl wrote:
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>> Bob Haley <> wrote:
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>> Well, that's not quite true. Neither the Orthodox nor the Catholic
>> church has pagan practices (...)I challenge you to name one practice of
>> either church which is pagan.
> I can say one: the use of candles in the church
>derives from pagans rituals (adoring the Sun) AND was taken by the church
>precisely to take the pagans into OUR church. By the way, I believe
>that in some (a lot, actually) years from now, we will be called pagans by some
>new religion that might show-up and take the world just like our religion
>did. We wil be said of adoring images the same way way old cultures did
>(and we called then savages (my english isn't so good, and I'm not sure
>this world means what I want) for doing so, and the same shall happen to us).
> Luis M. Schultz

To the best of my knowledge, the Christmas Tree has its origins in old druid
practices. Yeah, I know, one can claim that this is a custom, not a church

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