Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)

Luis Marcelo Schultz (
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 14:37:57 -0500

On 22 Aug 1995, Robert A. Uhl wrote:

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> Well, that's not quite true. Neither the Orthodox nor the Catholic
> church has pagan practices (...)I challenge you to name one practice of
> either church which is pagan.
I can say one: the use of candles in the church
derives from pagans rituals (adoring the Sun) AND was taken by the church
precisely to take the pagans into OUR church. By the way, I believe
that in some (a lot, actually) years from now, we will be called pagans by some
new religion that might show-up and take the world just like our religion
did. We wil be said of adoring images the same way way old cultures did
(and we called then savages (my english isn't so good, and I'm not sure
this world means what I want) for doing so, and the same shall happen to us).
Luis M. Schultz