Re: Big Bang: How widely accepted?

Robert Roosen (
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 00:12:00 GMT

: >> (Robert Roosen) wrote
: >>> Anthropologists
: >>>study cosmology as the creation myths of each of the various cultures
: >>>inhabiting planet earth. The Big Bang is in the curious position of
: >>>being promoted as "the" cosmology by a group of physicists who have
: >>>wandered into astronomy.

Let me put it another way. The Big Band Model is certainly a
nice physical model. It does indeed contain most of the observational
information presently available from physical astronomy. However, it is
just that--a model. i. e. a fit to a limited set of observations. For
instance, the Big Bang does not include telepathy in its model. It is not
really a cosmology. Many astronomical cosmologists say that openly. The
support mainly comes from a bunch of war surplus physicists who learned
how to do bomb calculations and are looking for somewhere else to peddle
their skills.
Explaining the origin of the universe with the Big Band (does anyone
else commonly make this particular typo?) is like
explaining the origin of milk by proving that it comes from the store in
wax paper cartons. Indeed it does, however there is more to the story.
Science has limiting assumptions, and those scientists unfamiliar with
the universe outside their specialties are prone to think that those
assumptions are real boundaries.