Life Duty Death

dannie hawkins (71726.3204@CompuServe.COM)
30 Aug 1995 18:48:10 GMT

>From: Hannes Klump < | Institute of Biochemistry, Vienna
>Biocenter, University of Vienna; Subject: Life Duty Death wrote: Just a short
>question to your long statement: if the Bosnian war (or any regional war) were
>something "natural" in the sense of something which shouldn't bother anyone
>else, then tell me if you think that borders of states are something "natural",
>too. Do you really think that a border, as something "natural"-grown, can
>protect a regional conflict from becoming something very big? Do you really
>think that the United States could exist today without the independence war AND
>without the logistic support of the French? Wars are NOTHING natural, have
>nothing to do with ethnic groups (as if, especially in Europe pure Ethnic
>groups would exist; as if ethnic groups would be consisting of something else
>than humans with different thoughts and characters....). The picture has often
>been painted just to close up the area in Bosnia and let them do what they
>think they have to do. This is a totally ignorant and irresponsible attitude.
>In these times of multilateral dependency in trade and to some extent politics,
>no state is totally irresponsible for what happens in a neighboring state. We
>all are responsible for what happens on this planet, I am especially thinking
>of Bosnia. So it is our responsability to help solve problems in other
>countries -preferrably not by warfare but by negotiations.
>Only an interposed personal opinion, Hannes.
Mr Klump:
"Natural" border? Yes, in a sense much like -Where the Wulf Pees- the perimeter
of his territory, that which he claims his, and his Pack. A regional conflict
will Grow only because others *Outside region* (as you plainly state) think THEY
know what is best for *Inside region*. I stated my position on over-population
of Earth, and I agree with Mr Pentti Linkola of Finland that War or wars, are
important now more than ever before, that "we still have time to be cruel" etc..
in relation to ridding Earth of weighty human masses that are sucking the blood
from earth, sea, and sky. As for the outcome of the u.s. revolutionary war, I
couldn't say, furthermore I don't care. My concern is for the present and the
future. Let the actions of and that of other internationalist power
brokers (now NATO), speak for themselves. They are becoming more overbearing and
domineering, etc., day by day. ALL Things Considered, old communism was less
arrogant in worldly terms than its replacement -NATOism. Wars Are natural, as it
is with All creatures who defend their territory. With human terms, it means
_Kind, culture, community and home_. I haven't said anything about "different
ethnic groups in Europe." The Bosnian war is religious, cultural and "tribal."
The Serbs are certainly closer to the rest of Europeans in that their religion
is not *foreign* to the region, whereas Islam is well outside the minds of the
vast majority, And is Semitic in nature and custom, much more than Europeanized
christianity. An Islamic nation should not exist inside the "walls" of Europe,
especially as we enter this new era. One needs to look into the face of tomorrow
with realistic eyes, not with eyes that have been cast and pre-imaged By Others.
*New Order Internationalist* are guided by two things arising from mans' lower
nature, and that is -greed and gullibility- Not blood and culture. Natoist will
"win the day" because they, for now, have the power, but [they] will Go, just as
Rome did, thus bringing to a close this anti-Nature materialistic era, and
opening the door for..?, the next *thoughtforce* that does Not lose the True
Natural Battles of tomorrow.
_Earth Abides_