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Jennifer Ryan (
30 Oct 1996 06:49:11 GMT

Emir Mohammed <> wrote in article
> What is this I hear about the Pope (and the church) accepting
> evolution as being real??????????????? (This should be interesting...
> as we see how these "staunch" fundamentalist creationists worm their
> way out of this one - assuming, of course, that this story about the
> Pope and Evolution is true)...
> Laters,
> Emir Mohammed...
Yes, it's true! The Pontifical Academy of Sciences met last week in a
plenary session to discuss "the origin of life and evolution." The Pope,
saying that "truth cannot contradict truth," affirmed that the theory of
evolution is compatible with Catholic theology. Basically, scientific
evidence strongly supports evolution as the mechanism by which species are
created, and the Church accepts that evolution could be and probably is the
method by which God created the species we see today. The Church does make
a provision for the separate creation of the soul, but how could it not?
There has to be something separating us from the beasts. . .;) For a more
detailed report you can go to the Vatican homepage--they have an extensive
summary and quotes.

Jennifer Ryan