Re: Baptists, the Pope and Evolution...

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Mon, 28 Oct 96 10:46:01 EST

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>Emir Mohammed <> wrote:
>>What is this I hear about the Pope (and the church) accepting
>>evolution as being real???????????????
>Not really new. The Vatican scientists signed on to a letter condemning
>creationism being taught as science a few years back.
>>(This should be interesting...
>>as we see how these "staunch" fundamentalist creationists worm their
>>way out of this one - assuming, of course, that this story about the
>>Pope and Evolution is true)...
>The hard core fundamentalist protestants I have interacted with will
>simply reply that the Pope is the Devil's puppet, or something similar.
Interestingly, a spokeman for the Southern Baptist Theological
Seminary (a __very__ conservative place these days) was quoted
as saying the Pope's pronouncement was "welcome." The article in
the paper didn't elaborate much and I am left wondering if the
Southern Baptist Convention has an official position on creation v.
evolution and what is taught at the Seminary. I was very much
susprised by the citation in the paper. Could it have been a
really drastic error?