Please Chant This Shamanistic Chant With Us (at PIU)!

Tony (
28 Oct 1996 06:40:59 GMT

We of the PIU ask that all fans of Shamanism chant this Shamanistic
Chant with us here, as we do each Thursday morning. It is a
paleo-Sakartveloi prayer to the god Tuskualdo, Sun God and God of Fire
and Copper, in the ancient Tuskualdunak religion of Izkappialgut

O Tuskualdo!

Oga'ankh konthhaon!
Kalinep agsunak ati
Tok'dai a Poxaimai Du
Tok'dai a Poxaimai Du
Gh'aonh akraaz!

Tak polinek azvomh
Tak polinek ienkh'raa
Gh'aonh raksoa!
Ng'akrankh takdi, ng'akrankh taksoa!
Gh'aonh akraaz!

O Tuskualdo!

Tak launta oga'ankh konthaaon
Kalinep kondautat moxaiak
Tok'dai fanthep efvonh
Taunk'raat an-badlinap ok'maaz!
Taunk'maaz an-kalinep ok'raat!
Gh'aonh Du Kazi
Gh'aonh at-Tuskualdo nosk!

O Tuskualdo!
Otgaon tok'dai ansoak
Ottanhaak tak launtinaa
Tak launta oga'ankh ok'maazi lap!
Tak launta oga'ankh ok'fask er ok'daanj!

Er gh'av ptaong ketmaa at-baomh
Er gh'av Nagahhaon kanjuul
Er gh'av at-Hakungoak nannaon
Er gh'av at-Nodhhaon ketma at-attont!

Tuskualdo, lukrimaa tak Ptoghhaont
Tuskualdo, lukriijen tak Izkappialgut
Tuskualdo, otgaon tak ng'Hakungoaki donh
Azvondj, azvondj, tuul Du Kazi at-attont!

My friends, you must know that this chant is a prayer to the great God
Tuskualdo to protect the land and the people of the ancient LUXEMBOURG,
or the paleo-Letzisch Empire. It was written around the time that the
Celts were invading the Empire, pillaging its cities, and raping its
women. Let this chant, now, be a paean to peace in our era!